Learning Through Individual Discovery
and Creative Play

A Unique Educational Experience

Nestled in the woods of Franklin Park, Bellwood Preschool offers a unique educational experience for children ages 3 to 5.   Bellwood is a discovery-oriented school where the children are encouraged to choose their activities.   At Bellwood, our mission is to provide each child with the opportunity to problem solve, explore and be empowered in a nurturing environment that develops compassionate children who know they live in a global village on a fragile planet.   When a child enters Bellwood, he or she will enter a place where they feel special and that environment of trust, respect, and discovery will build the foundation for a love of learning.

The excellent teaching staff works together to nurture your child's individual progress through various rooms in the school, from the Large Motor Room to the Cognitive Room, Art Room and Practical Life Room.   The teachers help stimulate their creativity and encourage them to think about new ideas and processes while supporting their developing social skills.   Bellwood is able to offer such individual attention because of its outstanding student to teacher ratio (6:1), one of the lowest in any preschool.

Some of the other features that make Bellwood someplace special include:   a transitional K-Kids program for older children, the Science Corner, Kids in the Kitchen, Spanish Special, and personalized portfolios documenting your child's progress.   Bellwood has declared itself a "nut-free" school to create a safe and healthy environment for all students.

The school is located in the old farmhouse and barn of what was once a large dairy farm in Franklin Park, PA.   The lovely rural setting insulates children from the bustle of traffic, while remaining convenient for parents.   Founded in 1961, Bellwood has evolved through the ages while maintaining its timeless commitment to providing the very best education for tomorrow's stars, our children.

Bellwood Preschool is a community service offered by the Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills and is a non-profit organization.


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